August 10, 2008

Who signed the Kennebunkport Warning?

Who signed the Kennebunkport Warning?

By Arabesque

It is well known that Cindy Sheehan and three others denied signing the Kennebunkport Warning. In this joint statement, they offered support for the 9/11 truth movement. Another "signer" was contacted by Col. Jenny Sparks and also denied signing the warning. All five said that they signed a document only involving impeachment, not a "false flag" warning. Interestingly, Chip Berlet reveals that:

Tarpley may have left the LaRouche group, but it has not left him. Tarpley acts as a sockpuppet for LaRouche, spreading delirious venom throughout the antiwar movement. The LaRouche group has a long history of conning people into signing statements based on misleading descriptions of the actual text. Déjà vu.
But Webster Tarpley was not the only LaRouche disciple in the controversy. Three others had direct ties to Lyndon LaRouche. All of these LaRouche associates attacked or spread insinuations about the anti-war activists who denied signing the warning. Looking at the controversy, it is quite revealing to look at who actually signed the Kennebunkport Warning and more importantly, who attacked and slandered activists during the controversy.

Who signed the Kennebunkport Warning? Here are some of the highlights:

  • LaRouche Associate
  • Attacks/Slander
  • Accusations of COINTELPRO
  • Endorses Directed Energy Weapons/TV Fakery
Direct Disciples of Lyndon LaRouche
Others who signed the warning: