August 13, 2008

Barrett's PR representative Rolf Lindgren spreads Disinformation: insinuates that "Arabesque" attacked truthaction when Lindgren originated attacks

Barrett's PR representative Rolf Lindgren spreads Disinformation: insinuates that "Arabesque" attacked truthaction when Lindgren originated attacks

By Arabesque


May 27, 2008 forum publicly releases mass email by Barrett PR spokesman Rolf Lindgren

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 10:36 pm


subject: The Insane 9/11 Truthers of

Ever wonder why the 9/11 Truth movement gets a bad name?

Just check out the bat-shit insane attacks against Kevin Barrett and myself at:

The people at this site twist facts worse than the Bush administration, and when they don't have the facts to twist, they make them up. They even attack people who agree with them.

Who needs right-wing republican operatives when you've got

If these people were in actual political power, you can bet we'd end up with purges reminiscent of Joseph Stalin or the French Revolution.


August 4, 2008

Arabesque posts a blog reporting this attack by Lindgren
...Lindgren, [Kevin Barrett's] PR manager... attacked activists at as "bat shit insane" in response to criticism of Kevin Barrett.
August 12, 2008

Lingren spreads disinformation in mass email: Insinuates that "Arabesque" called activists at "batshit insane".
From: Rolf Lindgren (
Sent: Tue 8/12/08 2:43 PM

It has been reported by Arabesque that the Truthers of might be "batshit insane". I'm not sure if I agree with that, but if Arabesque posts a statement like that, it might be true. Arabesque is a high-quality Truther in my book, and his association with a questionable group known as has hurt his reputation. Its a shame that such a brilliant writer and analyst can fall into the wrong crowd and make bad decisions.



Rolf Lindgren
Defender of Dr. Kevin Barrett
Defender of Dr. Bruce Ivins
Defender of Galileo
Defender of James Madison
Defender of Giordano Bruno
For the record, I do not endorse Lindgren or his statements.

In another email, Rolf said the following false statements about me [false claims and attacks highlighted]:
From: Rolf Lindgren
Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2008 2:49 PM
Subject: Arabesque Being Duped by Fetzer and Reynolds

Arabesque Being Duped by Fetzer and Reynolds

Arabesque, who used to be a strong supporter of promoting the best 9/11 Truth evidence, such as WTC 7 and foreknowledge, is now being duped by Dr. Jim Fetzer and Dr. Morgan Reynolds. Arabesque is trying to get Morgan Reynolds a radio slot on the Dynamic Duo show.

Arabesque is trying to force Dr. Kevin Barrett off the show so he can be replaced with Reynolds! Arabesque wrote: "In fact, Barrett is part of the "dynamic duo" with Jim Fetzer."

Arabesque is also promoting bogus, discredited, divisive and paranoid "disinformation" theories:


In other words, fewer people are learning the truth about 9/11 because of Arabesque. Arabesque has become an unwitting tool of Fetzer and Reynolds. When you are outwitted by no-planers, that's pretty low. Its hard to imagine a clearer stigma of idiocy, than to be outwitted by a no-planer.
I am not trying to remove Barrett from his radio show. As you can see in the quote that Lindgren highlighted, I merely pointed out that he was part of the dynamic duo. Nor am I trying to get Morgan Reynolds on his radio show. And nor was I "promoting" disinformation on 9/11 blogger. In my posts I link to rebuttals of the claims of people who advocate TV fakery and Directed energy weapons. In other words, Rolf is the one promoting disinformation by spreading false and misleading claims about me.

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