August 10, 2008

The Kennebunkport Warning Controversy Reviewed

The Kennebunkport Warning Controversy Reviewed

By Arabesque

On August 29th, 2007, Webster Tarpley issued the Kennebunkport Warning. It claimed “massive evidence” suggested that a US-Sponsored false flag terror attack would be orchestrated in “the coming months”. The original document listed signatures by Cindy Sheehan, Ann Wright and others.

Or did it?

At least five anti-war activists including Cindy Sheehan denied signing the document and an ensuing controversy erupted. While those who denied signing the document were civil and cordial, those who created the warning offered insults, accusations, and divisive behavior. Later, those investigating the affair were targeted with accusations and insults along with false allegations that they “opposed” the Kennebunkport warning and “worked for the Ford Foundation”. Charges of incivility against the warning promoters remain unacknowledged.

While many offered their take on the controversy, a “9/11 truth leader” responded without naming names or taking sides; giving advice on how to deal with disinformation, infiltration, and agent provocateurs. Jim Hoffman offered his thoughts on Cosmos' radio show:

"It’s so clear. What possible motive would there be someone to go making these vicious characterizations of these really well known peace activists like Cindy Sheehan When people like [Cosmos], Arabesque, and Wolsey report on it, to be viciously attacked by Tarpley with all these ridiculous accusations of COINTELPRO…? Very entertaining to watch, very vivid, just lurid—it’s ridiculous... I think it’s a really good test of whether people are really in this in the benefit of our movement: are going to tolerate this sort of thing? Where are the voices of the alleged leaders of the 9/11 truth movement about this and similar incidents? I think the silence from some quarters is deafening."
The Kennebunkport Warning: Hoax?

Arabesque’s investigation into Webster Tarpley’s Kennebunkport Warning. Reviews the claims and counterclaims of those involved in the controversy. See also: The Kennebunkport Warning: A Hoax? The investigation into the Kennebunkport Warning controversy and Michael Wolsey's article, 9-11 Synthetic Error - The meltdown of Webster G. Tarpley.

Webster Tarpley: Arabesque, Cosmos, Jenny Sparks, Jon Gold, Michael Wolsey, and Truthaction are “disinfo”

A summary of the divisive language, accusations, and ad-hominems in the controversy by Webster Tarpley and his supporters against Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war activists, and those investigating the controversy

Cosmos and Jim Hoffman discuss the Kennebunkport Warning Controversy on Truth Revolution Radio: October 15, 2007

Cosmos interviews Jim Hoffman of 9/11 research to discuss disinformation, disruption, and the Kennebunkport Warning controversy

A Message for Webster Tarpley and the Supporters of the Kennebunkport Warning: It’s About the Divisiveness

Examines the lack of response from the Kennebunkport Warning promoters to charges of incivility, and an answer to the false claims that those investigating the Kennebunkport Warning are being “divisive” and “oppose” the warning

A Response to Winter Patriot about the Kennebunkport Warning Controversy

A response to the misconception that our investigation claims to prove who is "telling the truth" about who signed the Kennebunkport Warning. This affair is controversial for two main reasons: the denial of signatures and the resulting incivility.

Kennebunkport Warning Cartoon: We are Funded by the Ford Foundation Because we Oppose Divisive Language?

A response to a cartoon depicting investigators of the Kennebunkport Warning as working for the Ford Foundation

Who signed the Kennebunkport Warning?

Signers include four LaRouche disciples and several endorsers of the use of Directed Energy Weapons and TV "fakery" on 9/11.

9/11 Truth Leader on Disinformation and Infiltration

Advice from a 9/11 truth leader about how to deal with disinformation, infiltration, and agent provocateurs.

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Discussion about disruption, incivility, and personal attacks within the 9/11 truth movement.

Who is Captain May?

A supporter of "next 9/11" research and articles, anti-Semitism, numerology, and accusations of COINTELPRO against 9/11 researchers/activists who investigated the Kennebunkport Warning.

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