October 15, 2007

Cosmos on his radio show: Truth Action Radio: September 3, 2007

Cosmos on his radio show: Truth Revolution Radio: September 3, 2007
The Kennebunkport Warning Controversy
Transcript by Arabesque

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Michael Wolsey of Visibility911.com is the guest and we discuss his work as a truth activist and radio host, with a special focus on his series on cointelpro. We are also joined by investigative activist Col. Jenny Sparks and discuss a bit of the controversy behind The Kennebunkport Warning. Bruce Marshall joins the show during the last segment to discuss his role in promoting The Warning.

9/11 truth activist Cosmos of Truth Action gives his take on the Kennebunkport Warning Controversy:

One thing about this that really disturbed me… it’s something that potentially [caused] this antagonism between the truth movement and the anti-war movement, when the whole thing was intended to building bridges. As someone who’s put effort into building bridges—individually, and with groups in the anti-war movement… I just don’t take it well to have these women’s names put on this document, and when they curiously differ, and say no, they signed a different document, and include in their refutation a message of support for 9/11 truth! …and then to have the people promoting this turn and viciously attack them. It’s just… [later] ...it really boils down to are we going to act civilly, or are we going to be divisive.
Later in the Radio show, Bruce Marshall, a collector of signatures for the Kennebunkport warning gives his side of the story. In his comments, Bruce Marshall curiously evades the central complaint of divisiveness as articulated by Cosmos above. Instead, he emphasizes the warning, and erupts in anger when questioned about the divisive behavior of those involved in the controversy:
Cosmos: Bruce Marshal is on the line, he’s actually the person who apparently responsible for gathering signatures—including the disputed signatures on this document. I guess you’ve been following… [the controversy]?

Bruce Marshall: Not really. Frankly, not really. I think this is a big problem getting caught into the minutia of it. There’s a problem, and the problem has been going on for quite a long period of time. Actually, what this is, is a healing process. What we’re starting to see is what we need to deal with the crisis. The crisis is the fact that the world is about to go to thermal nuclear war potentially. The crisis is that we can have another 9/11 attack. The crisis is that we can have a gulf of Tonkin incident.

Cosmos: I don’t think anyone involved with this has any dispute with that whatsoever. I haven’t seen any people contradicting the need to warn people, this is quite likely to happen—that’s not really the issue. The issue is the disputed signatures and also the treatment towards the people in the peace movement who are disputing signing this document, which is very divisive.

Bruce Marshall: There’s a lot of divisiveness.

Cosmos: And calling people “wretched individuals” and “appalling liars” is not… bridge-building behavior. That’s really a key problem here because one thing we really do want to do is unite the peace movement and the truth movement—which are really the same movement at heart. So that kind of behavior is really troubling and I’m feeling--

Bruce Marshall: [interrupting] and who’s doing that? Who’s doing that? [inaudible]

Cosmos: I feel at a very basic level that at the very least, these woman deserve an apology for the way that they’ve been treated by the promoters of this warning… none of these women deserve to be called wretched individuals or appalling liars.

Bruce Marshall: Well, where were they being called wretched individuals?

Cosmos: That’s actually a Webster Tarpley quote. That’s from an email that he sent around last Thursday [August 30, 2007] morning.

Bruce Marshall: Oh, this is interesting. I think what we need to do here is look at this from the perspective that you asked me to come on the call, so, let me… put this all in perspective. This wouldn’t have happened in certain ways if wasn’t for Cindy Sheehan. It was… us, myself, who recognized that Cindy Sheehan called to meet in Philadelphia on July 4th, was historically important for the country. What we were trying to do, was to bring together the various movements in this country, to work on this. So, to say this is where we’re going, this is what we’re trying to bring forth. I put this into the perspective of… who signed what, and why they said they didn’t sign what they signed, and this type of thing… is, you know, all this hullabaloo is, I mean it’s acrid, it’s an aspect of the human condition. And there’s… [Interrupted by Cosmos]

Cosmos: Right, but when Cindy and the rest disputed signing, and they specifically said that they signed something, but that they recalled it being a different document. Now, whatever you think about that, and whatever your take on that was, you were the one collecting the signatures, they offered their refutation of signature in a very courteous way, and then offered their support to the 9/11 truth movement. And then they said they “wished the authors of this warning well… in getting the truth about 9/11—that they were very courteous. So all the hatred, and all the animosity is coming from the people who promoted this document, and it really doesn’t add up… a lot of us in the movement really don’t want people who are claiming to represent us treating leaders from the anti-war movement in such a way.

Bruce Marshall: [In an angry voice:] You are talking to me in very disrespectful way. Do you know what you’re doing? [Microphone cut off]

Cosmos: Webster Tarpley and Craig Hill have talked to Cindy Sheehan and the rest of the signers in a disrespectful way. And we don’t really appreciate it. Now did you personally obtain a signature from Cynthia McKinney on this warning?

Bruce Marshall: [In an angry voice and shouting] You are doing something that is—is despicable here! Now you listen up! [inaudible—Microphone cut off]

Cosmos: I think you need to calm down Bruce. I really don’t need you shouting on here. And I think this is indicative of… where the people promoting this… are coming from. Can you calm down a bit?

Michael Wolsey: Cosmos, I think this is very indicative of the way that these people have been treated, and I’m just appalled at this sort of behavior from someone who admitted that he hasn’t kept up on this.

Cosmos: This is him saying they want to build peace and… build bridges. If you’re going to go about and say that you’re building bridges with people, then… why all of the sudden heap abuse on them…

Michael Wolsey: I would suggest it doesn’t matter why they want their names off. The caller suggested that they need to know why—no they don’t need to know why. The simple matter of the fact is that the promoters of this document—if somebody was… disputing the signatures, they should have just immediately taken it off and [moved on]. My question would be: why didn’t they do that?

Cosmos: That’s a good question. Bruce do you have an answer for that?

Bruce Marshall: […] You don’t know the story, Sir. People have—you don’t have the story kid. […]

Cosmos: [We’re running low on time.] Do you think there’s any chance to heal this with these women, maybe offer an apology for the language that’s been hurled at them, publicly?

Bruce Marshall: [Yelling] Oh! Why don’t you talk about the language that’s been hurled at Janine! Calling her a liar, calling me a liar!

Cosmos: I haven’t seen any of that.

Bruce Marshal: [angry voice:] You, you, you aren’t understanding the facts, that’s why you interrupt me when I tell you about what things are! I really shouldn’t have come on this show, because I understand that there’s, there’s—it’s being negative towards healing. You are actually acting in a divisive way! Ok

Cosmos: Really?

Bruce Marshall: [angry voice:] You don’t understand what’s going on. The door is open towards healing, towards creating leadership here. The people that signed something—the people who signed something. [Microphone cut off with cross-talk]

Cosmos: Well if you’d like to take a breather and continue this later, we can do that. […] I don’t know what to make of all this, maybe if these guys want to calm down, and join us at a later time, we can try to resolve this a bit more.


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