September 27, 2007

9/11 Truth Leader on Disinformation and Infiltration

George Washington writes:

A prominent 9/11 truth leader sent the following email about disinformation and disruption in the 9/11 movement. I'm waiting for permission to use his name. I assure you, though, that he is someone with no axe to grind, and who is not in "one" camp or the "other". He cares only about truth.

His message provides a road map for how to deal with the infiltration, co-option, disruption and disinformation which has been unleashed against the 9/11 truth and justice movements, since those movements have the power to pull the rug out from under the whole fascist enterprise.
This 9/11 truth leader writes:

Allow me to suggest that we don’t need to choose between denunciation, on the one hand, and silence, on the other. That is an unnecessary choice, a false dichotomy.

Denunciation plays into their hands, which is unintended complicity.

Silence is also complicity, as Dr. Martin Luther King pointed out.

Instead of these two approaches, what’s needed is politically relevant education.

Education about agents of all kinds, especially agents provocateurs, their history, who employs them, their tactics.

There is a huge literature on this. We do not need to start at square one. Read about Operation Mockingbird. Read about COINTELPRO. Apply what we learn to today’s situation.

Keep digging, learning, discussing, educating.

This can be done without inflammatory language, without denunciation, without even mentioning names. I mention none here.

When names are mentioned, it should be in connection with observable facts, with evidence. There is a world of difference between saying “A claimed not to know about X, but on [date] he stated “[I know about X],” on the one hand, and saying “A is a liar,” on the other.

While educating ourselves and others we can simultaneously actively combat agents of the state by refraining from engaging in the types of behaviour they employ to sow dissention: name-calling, rumour-mongering, insinuation. Especially specific name-calling. Refraining from this does not stifle vigorous discussion and debate, based on observable facts, statements and patterns.

Education drains the swamp. Most of agents will stand out. It’s happening already. Other agents are deeper. Understanding their purposes and identifying them and dealing with them depends on more education yet.

Believe me, I come from three generations of the spied-upon and harrassed. Doing nothing plays into their hands. We can’t pretend they don’t exist. Ignoring them will not make them go away.

How will younger people learn about the Agents of Deception unless there’s an ongoing education effort?

“History is a race between education and catastrophe,” wrote H.G. Wells.

One of the aims of the 9/11Truth movement inevitably must be to expose, oppose and work to dismantle the grotesquely huge organizations of spies, agents provocateurs and covert agents of all kinds. They are an insult to democracy and honest discourse.

We cannot gain the peaceful world we want as long as billions are spent on spies and spying – many of those billions on disrupting the lawful activities of us, citizens striving for a safer, saner world. The standard New York Times figure for the budget of “America’s intelligence community” – how homey – is $44-billion. That’s on the books. Add the black budgets and you have a higher figure.

It’s been a long time since spies and spying were a political issue. The Church Committee of the 70’s was the last time the lid was lifted on the creepy crawlies that scuttle about whole countries tricking whole populations.

It’s time we renewed the conversation about the immorality of spies and spying. No doubt largely through their own propaganda efforts, they’ve gone from being pariahs to being heroes, from necessary evils to top dogs, romanticized by the entertainment” industry (although with many honourable exceptions) and uncriticized sacred cows in political circles.

Now that we are experiencing their dirty work on our own doorstep we must educate – with principle, passion, courage and understanding.