November 5, 2007

Who is Captain May?

Who is Captain May?

A supporter of "next 9/11" research and articles, antisemitism, numerology, and accusations of COINTELPRO against 9/11 researchers/activists.

By Arabesque

"Don’t call me Deep Throat... call me Captain May." Captain Eric May

Who is "Captain" Eric May?

"Captain May, a former Army intelligence and public affairs officer, is the founder and commander of Ghost Troop, a 300-strong unit comprised of military and police veterans and active duty, along with civilian research/activists. He is on a self-declared "mission of conscience" to oppose the Bush War Cabal."
Ghost Troop is comprised of:
"former military and interested civilians, many with a background in recon and intelligence... working on the analysis of the 911-to-be (ergo 9112B) event which has been pre-programmed into the public via the media as a matter of WHEN, not IF."

While the above citation claims that Ghost Troop consists of “former” members of the military, another article reveals that there are "current" members:

"Commanded by Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop consists of current and past high-level military professionals who claim expertise at reading governmental strategies and predicting what will happen next. Cracking embedded codes plays a significant role, says Captain May, as does utilizing a highly sophisticated network of intelligence operatives and analyzing events that perhaps have a hidden agenda. [...]

CAPT. MAY: Ghost Troup [sic] is really an analytic group. As a trained intelligence officer I serve as the chief analyst. As a trained public affairs officer I serve as the unit spokesman. What I put out is the distilled intelligence product of many Ghost Troops. They send me the reports and sometimes I do a little back-and-forth with them. They keep me informed, and I polish my ideas and Ghost Troop analysis with top experts in the field, sometimes across many countries and several continents. [...]

ICONOCLAST: You have said that you already have informants imbedded [sic] in various governmental and corporate entities. Are you seeking to expand upon these?

CAPT. MAY: At all times. [...] Some of the most prominent people in the 911 Truth Movement, for example, are Ghost Troops. We had a U.S. ambassador in the unit as chaplain for the first three years."

Captain May has been predicting the "next 9/11" since at least 2004, and his personal bio gives his background in the military. He claims to have "spent five years with Houston's 75th Division (USAR) as an Opposing Forces Controller, meaning that I learned better than most -- even most experts -- how to run contrarian scenarios."

Captain may is a supporter, signer and endorser of Webster Tarpley's Kennebunkport Warning of a potential false flag attack:

"The Kennebunkport Warning is short and strident at 200 words. It has been posted widely on the Internet, and in last week's edition of The Lone Star Iconoclast. Since then, though, it has come under sustained fire from a swiftboat attack aimed at its authors and signers, and even its word choices. Every aspect of the document has been called into question -- except its content."
[see Kennebunkport Warning Controversy for a response to these claims]

Not only has May endorsed the Kennebunkport warning, but previous warnings as well. In fact, he has been interviewed on the radio by fellow supporters of the Kennebunkport Warning including Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, and Webster Tarpley. Morgan Stack, yet another Kennebunkport warning signer/promoter features his work on his website as noted below by Jim Hoffman. Radio interviews include:

"· Captain May was interviewed by both Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett on their radio shows about a potential new 9/11.

· "Captain May's interview on Dr. Kevin Barrett's radio show discussing his article Next 9/11, Summer, 2007? (7-24-07)"

· "In his July 3 interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett, Captain May addressed the prospects and probabilities of a July false flag attack on U.S. soil, and of a consequent escalation of the Mideast War (Iraq and Afghanistan) to World War Three (Syria and Iran, et al.)."

Other Radio interviews and a list of articles by May are numerous and the “next 9/11” theme is strongly emphasized. A sample of article titles advocating this theme include:

· A Nuclear Nightmare - The Portland Plot

· Stage Set for 'New Pearl Harbor'? Only a domestic terror attack can save discredited Bush

· Loose Nukes Looming Near By

· 911-2B: American Nightmare & Neocon Fantasy

· Staging the Portland Nuke (A Comedy of Terrors)

· A Dawning Dictatorship? (911-2B & NSPD-51)

· Next 9/11, Summer, 2007? (w/ Top Three U.S. Nuke Targets)

· Is this Administration planning another 9/11 on May 11th?

· Operation Apocalypse, End-Timers and End-Game Strategy

· 911 Truth and Texas Terror

It can be noted, that one of the functions of disinformation is to discredit true information by associating it with false/bad/misleading information. A famous example of this is known as the “the boy who cried wolf” fable.

Captain May is also an endorser of numerology in articles such as “9/11, 3/11, 7/11 Terror Dates: Is there an ‘embedded code,’ and can we use it to save ourselves?”:

"· The 9 and 3 month numbers were square and square root of each other

· There were exactly 911 days between the dates 9/11 (2001) and 3/11 (2004)

· There was a reported body count from the Madrid bombings of 199 (which was 911 with the numbers "flipped" — 9’s to 1’s; 1’s to 9’s: 911/199)

· There was even a reversion of the body count downward (who got up and left the morgue?) to 191 — which is an anagram (mix-up) of 911!"

Captain May has been using numerology to predict the "next 9/11" since at least 2004:

We're either closer to a geopolitical adjustment (i.e., reducing our (sinking) Middle Eastern footprint), or just that much closer to 911 (the sequel), which I've been predicting as 9/27 (i.e., 9/9, i.e., 9=9=18; i.e., 1=8 = 9). Again, 9/27 will be the 1111st day since 911 (which was 11 years from the announcement of the New World Order by King George XLI).
According to Captain May, understanding numerology is important because the planners of the next false flag attack:
"like to communicate with this Illuminist number code and the media is actually passing the information on to the many levels of members, alerting them of the potential dates and times of planned acts of terror... They are also using the repetitive name game, another way of feeling superior. Just think about it: Oklahoma City, Okla., New York, N.Y. and now maybe Texas City, Texas."
Using numbers and name games to predict the next 9/11? Jim Hoffman observes that David Ray Griffin's appearance in Ireland was canceled because of Captain May:

"In Ireland David Ray Griffin's appearance was canceled and he was labeled anti-Semetic due to posts by "Captain Eric May" being featured on Morgan Stack's website.
* May is yet another "former" intelligence person who advocates numerology to expose the 9-11 coverup.
* May is openly anti-semetic, describing the media and Hollywood as 'controlled by the Jews'."

A brief and short internet search on articles by Captain May reveals that he is antisemitic:

"In this case it is the controlled media, who use Jewish Cabalism, and the "Bush Boyz" (criminal officials and agents), who use Masonic coding, and they're reporting their handiwork in the Great Plains! . . . I wonder why the Jewish film industry would make a mistake like that, rewriting the plot of reality to convince us -- with a powerful movie -- not to obsess about the prospect of embedded code in the mainstream Jewish news media?" - Captain Eric H. May

"Dear Mr. Green, I read with great interest your essay "Holocaust Fundamentalism - You WILL Believe" just now, and am eager to forward it to Ghost Troop, my associates (military veterans and civilian supporters). We have come to be astute in the importance of body-count numbers to political purposes, and aren't a bit surprised to find that thoughtful men like you are questioning "official reality" in the Holocaust... We are specifically rooted in the matter of the current Zionist Media efforts to keep the real number of US dead GI's covered up in the Middle East. The same forces that want to exagerate [sic] the suffering of the Jews on the one hand want to minimize the suffering of the Christian Army they have duped into killing Moslems. […] If you told me you thought you found an exaggeration factor of "5" (in the Holocaust), I'd just say it matched the minimization factor of five (in the Middle Eastern War). Captain May / Ghost Troop"

"Believe me, all, those of us, like Ghost Troop, who are intellectual opponents of the Jewish Zionist kulturkampf -- which we call the infowar -- are the rational opposition. I provide one stark link to our unit infowar history, from this summer, when we were involved in what we coded "Ghost Troop 9112B." It's from a most valued international infowar ally who stabbed us in the back for trying to hold true to the Constitution, when he and his cult wanted us to renounce that prudent pact to join a growing international -- and revolutionary -- movement against the Jews
Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action"

"No question about it, the American People are being readied for another Al Qaida attack -- and they have been told that it will be in the heartland of the Homeland months ago. The WMD attack, high death tool and ensuing tower collapse to top it all off will achieve the kind of "iconic" psychological effect necessary to carry the war spirit to the nuclear level necessary to impose a Middle Eastern Final Solution -- for the equal benefit of the co-founders, the Military Industrial Complex and the Israel Lobby. The first target for the American "counterattack" is obvious. Iran is already being shaped into a monster by Judas Journalists with their headquarters in New York and their heartbeat in Tel Aviv. The best propagandists in broadcast and print first insinuated -- and now insist -- that Iran is a "nuclear threat" bent on a "nuclear confrontation," that might have to be met by a "nuclear option." Any idea is worth hanging a "nuclear" label on, and any excuse will do to start a nuclear war!
Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action"

"I re-include the press release we of Ghost Troop have issued, giving confirmed "news" that the Zionist-controlled US Media has repressed for 30 months, in complete disregard of the tenets of the Constitution and the ethics of journalism… Remember Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir's comments to the World Islamic Conference back in the fall of 2003? He said that US Jews dominated US cultural and political life -- and given that 80% of the Neocons are Jewish, it's not my fault -- nor Mahathir's -- that his remarks are right on! [...] Regards and thanks, CPTMAY"

"Our Ghost Troop mission of conscience began with honoring our dead comrades in the services who were receiving no just counting by the propaganda press. That mission has been covered widely in the international media and US alternative media, and is summed up nicely (I think) by National Vanguard. We became creative in finding ways around the Israel Lobby's propaganda arm (they call it the media) to pursue just honors for our fallen brothers and sisters, who are dying in far greater numbers than are being reported.
Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action"

Captain May's “Jews control the media” theme of was subtly repeated in his piece “Amerika Über Alles” — Our Nazi Nation” posted on 911blogger by Carol Brouillet:

"Neither Hitler nor Bush could have effected their radical plans without a party full of functionaries and a compliant national media, of course. Hitler relied on his “Nazi” party, a word derived from the name of his National Socialist organization. He had a brilliant individual named Joseph Goebbels to control the Reich Propaganda Ministry and rally the public behind Nazi policies. Bush relied on his “Nozi” party, a word derived from “Zionism,” with the first four letters Z-i-o-n remixed into N-o-z-i. He had a brilliant cartel of Zionists to control the American Mainstream Media and rally the public behind Nozi policies."

Another article by May entitled “Jews for Torture” was hidden after breaking guidelines at Indymedia.

This is only a short sample of Captain May's work and antisemitism. Mark Rabinowitz from questions why an anti-semite is promoted by websites like NY911Truth and MUJCA, supposedly a part Jewish alliance:

"Why does both MUJCA and NY911Truth feature a blatant anti-semite on their sites? ( a google search returns 14 entries [on MUJCA]) He sounds reasonable enough on these pages, but apparently no one has read a single other thing the supposed "former" intelligence Captain speculating about numerology has written. One would imagine that the Jewish members of the Muslim Christian Jewish Alliance might take offense, but apparently they haven't noticed either."

Captain May appeared on Webster Tarpley's radio show to accuse Jenny Sparks and Arabesque of being "trained COINTELPRO professionals", "organized COINTELPRO cells", etc.

"I wasn't referring to Cosmos in my comments about the disinformation efforts being conducted at 9/11Blogger. Candidly, I can't remember any particular comments by Cosmos. As for the equally pseudonymic Jenny Sparks and Arabesque, it's easier for me to have an informed opinion about them. Were I not busier with more important things, I think I could come up with a pretty good article identifying those who are either actual COINTELPRO or merely useful idiots being manipulated by COINTELPRO, and perhaps even grouped them according to the cells within which they work. In some cases over the last four years, my associates and I have even been able to trice [sic] COINTELPRO agents back to their FBI handlers."

[see Kennebunkport Warning Controversy for a response to these claims]

These comments are also attributed to an email by Captain Eric May:

"I believe that... the more prolific of our antagonists in the Kennebunkport Warning matter were professional agitators. To take one example, 'Colonel Jenny Sparks' was harassing both the Oregon Truth Alliance and Portland Nuclear Inquest (which I lead) in the weeks before the Kennebunkport Warning. In typical agitator fashion, she claimed to do so in order to defend the 911 Truth Movement and debunk our "alarmism" for alerting Portland to the dangers the nuclear simulation, Operation Noble Resolve. She and cohorts infiltrated both group lists and hurled monkey wrenches in every direction before getting the boot. As a lasting memorial of the encounter, they then set up their own user group, made up of a mixed set of a dozen agitators and useful idiots, largely dedicated to damning me and browbeating [other local activists]. Every once in awhile I read it for amusement."

And these accusations of COINTELPRO were found in a radio interview with Webster Tarpley:

"Uh, with Jenny Sparks I think you're at both ends--I think she uses professional cointelpro cooperation and then useful idiots where ever they can be found... They're... trained cointelpro professionals--agitprop activists--and their job is not to produce positive analysis. If you can look far and near for any article of any consequence, by any of these people and you'll not find it. But what you'll find is a constant rat-a-tat of criticism against anyone else's work. And that is because their mission is not to develop the area of 911 analyses, or the next 911 prediction--it's to impede 911 analysis and prediction. So, these are classic disinformation tactics… you have to realize there are organized cointelpro cells I've run into half a dozen of them. Anything from military professionals who went by rank, although would not sign their work, to, you know, cute synonyms like Arabesque or Jenny Sparks who would not sign their work… they usually coalesce and target specific points. You have to see them as military assets." [Note: Captain May has never provided any evidence to support these false allegations. See Kennebunkport Warning Controversy for a response to these claims]

The Kennebunkport Warning Controversy was characterized by accusations without evidence such as these. Indeed, Captain May was not the only one to make these allegations of COINTELPRO against investigators of the Kennebunkport Warning. After Captain May, Webster Tarpley, and others made these allegations for more than two months, an "Internet Cointelpro Alert" was posted:

"An effort is being made in some quarters to falsely attribute these faked and counterfeit postings, emails, and videos to Webster G. Tarpley, Bruce Marshall, Captain Eric May, and to other persons sympathetic to the Philadelphia Platform and/or the Kennebunkport Warning. Any such attempted attribution is a lie."

[note: see a list of confirmed emails, statements, radio interviews, Google videos, etc. by Webster Tarpley and his associates]

In fact, we have tied some of these videos to an associate of Captain May. "Ozzy bin Oswald", a member of Captain May's Ghost Troop email list was responsible for posting some of these videos, some of which accusing Arabesque, Cosmos, Jenny Sparks and others of belonging to Al Qaeda. These videos often make use of radio interviews by Captain May, and Webster Tarpley in the background.

You can see some of these videos at Ozzy bin Oswald's youtube account, which is linked to on one of his posts on Captain May’s Ghost Troop email list. Many of these videos by Ozzy bin Oswald reference the aliases of posters of other Al Qaeda accusation videos. While this is not a direct connection to Captain May, it is a connection nonetheless.


Captain May advocates antisemitism, holocaust denial, numerology, frequent warnings of another 9/11 attack, and accusations of COINTELPRO against legitimate 9/11 researchers frequently with dubious misinformation and often no evidence at all. His work is promoted by 9/11 activists who have a history of promoting and advocating controversial claims, researchers, and divisive behavior. "Guilt by association" is also a typical ploy used to discredit activist groups and the 9/11 truth movement is especially noteworthy for attempts to associate it with holocaust denial and antisemitism. In fact, this could be used as a deliberate strategy to discredit valid 9/11 research, evidence, and unanswered questions.