November 14, 2007

Pentagon Flyover Theory: RIP

Pentagon Flyover Theory: RIP

By Arabesque

The Pentagon flyover theory suggests that a carefully timed explosion coincided with a plane overflying the Pentagon. Apart from this theory not being supported by a single eyewitness to claim that this happened, and contradicted by well over 100 eyewitness statements claiming a plane hit the Pentagon, and contradicted by light pole damage, 757 plane parts etc., the Double Tree video released in 2006 conclusively debunked the theory. As Killtown predicted:

"if this video does indeed show a plane flying into the Pentagon, it will not actually show the plane hit, but in fact will show it disappear behind the Pentagon’s west wall (see aerial photo above) and then a fireball will obviously be seen coming up over the roof.
As is obvious in this video, we do not see a plane striking the Pentagon, but neither do we see one flying over the Pentagon. Aside from the previously mentioned evidence, the shadow of the plane was also apparently caught on the CITGO gas station video as noted by Pentagon researcher Caustic Logic. The security video released in 2006 revealed the nose of an apparent aircraft.

In fact, this is not all of the video evidence to counter the theory. A video camera recorded a shot of the C-130 thousands of feet in the air 15 seconds after the alleged impact of the plane on the massive I-395 highway and no commercial jetliner flyover is seen.

Apart from showing no plane flying over the Pentagon, the Double Tree video and other video camera shots reveal why the flyover theory is absurd. A single video shot, camera, or witness would report the plane flying over the building.

There is no direct evidence to support such a claim.

Pentagon Flyover theory?