January 23, 2008

Jenny Sparks on 'no-planer' Arabesque

The so-called 9/11 "debunkers" are well known for their snarky comments in responses to commentary by 9/11 "truthers". In some cases their enthusiasm for debunking causes them to play loose with the facts. Ironically this is one of their main charges against 9/11 "truthers".

As Jenny Sparks notes, I was called a "no-planer" (someone who believes that planes were not used on 9/11):

Take a moment to enjoy the hilarity of a "debunker" calling a real 9/11 Sceptic a no-planer because he couldn't bother to do 2 mins worth of research by reading through the article. And Alex isn't the only one with this problem. Patrick Curley is a terminal case. These days he's reduced to being Nico Haupt's stenographer because he's incapable of researching his way out of a paper bag. So, in addition to being dishonest merchants of twaddle, the disinfo crew is just a bunch of lazy old sods.And here's me laughing me arse off at the lot. Now who's clueless, Our Alex?

Anyone who visits my blog can view my compiled list of eyewitness testimony on the Pentagon attack. Let's just say the amount of effort that I put into this and other articles makes the false "no-planer" accusation hilariously insulting.