November 28, 2007

Dr Steven Jones: Why I Doubt the Official 9/11 Story

Dr. Steven Jones writes:

A local 9/11 activist taped my talk given June 24, 2007 in Orem, Utah, to an audience of about 700 people (standing room only in the large Friendship Center). Thanks to Tim Costello! He inserted photos and some text (based on my PPT slides) and put this on a DVD, with the idea that it could be copied and distributed freely. Now Tim has put the DVD onto (55 minutes long).
The talk was one of a series given in cities in Utah and Idaho, and represents an effort to bring the most salient points regarding 9/11 to the public. It could be considered a sequel to my talk given at UVSC in February 2006 (also in Orem, Utah). I welcome comments!

OUTLINE of the talk:
1. Complete WTC skyscraper collapses at near free-fall speeds: challenging the "official story"
2. Lack of Air Defenses on 9/11
3. WTC Dust: Toxic and Loaded with Melted Spheres
4. Megabucks made on Airline "Put Options" (just before 9/11)
5. Was my paper peer-reviewed?