July 9, 2007

9/11 Researchers Site Shut Down

The 911researchers.com website has been shut down according to John Albanese. The website was known for ad-hominem attacks on researchers, and recently, a 9/11 victim family member was targeted:

"911Researchers has accused a great many people of a great many things. In recent days they accused me of being a member of Al Qaeda and a homicidal lunatic planning murder. The FBI and police are aware of this. The tags associated with these stories included 'gas chamber' - 'torture' - 'hanging' - 'murder' etc etc. All of this I quietly tolerated. But after a lengthy conversation with 911 widow Ellen Mariani last night I decided the time to act was now, and I decided to pull the plug on Mr. Siegel's operation. It is my hope that Mr. Siegel and the 'researchers' who support him will reevaluate their lives and consider the pain and suffering they have brought into so many people's lives with their irresponsible accusations and harassment campaigns. Simply put, attacking witnesses, first responders and 911 widows is off limits and is does not occur in a vacuum. People are indeed watching and prepared to act when that sacred line is crossed."

"Forwarding absurd theories to intentionally discredit this movement is your right under the Constitution. Claiming space beams and little green men brought down the towers is protected speech. But - harassing people, defamation of character, slander and threats is NOT protected speech - and only a fool would believe that Americans are not prepared to live and die defending those principals."

"I am sure we have not heard the last of Mr. Siegel and his team of 'researchers.' I would suggest they make the smart choice and leave widows, 911 victims, witnesses and first responders out of the equation."

As 'George Washington' notes, "911Researchers.com was Rick Siegel and Nico Haupt's site, and promoted theories such as holograms. Rick Siegel recently sued the makers of the movie "911 Mysteries" for copyright infringement, and has allegedly made death threats against several prominent 9/11 truth activists (some of them in were purportedly made in email form)."

In response to these and other attacks on the 9/11 truth movement, Albanese is making a film entitled "Disinformation in the Information Age", a documentary that will discuss the issues of CoIntelPro and 9/11 disinformation.