May 29, 2007

The Pentagon Eyewitness Testimony: What Witnesses Described, and an Analysis of the Testimony

The Pentagon Eyewitness Testimony: What Witnesses Described, and an Analysis of the Testimony

By Arabesque

The Pentagon Testimony: Analysis of Witness Statements 1 of 2

The Pentagon Testimony: Analysis of Witness Statements 2 of 2

The Pentagon Testimony: What Witnesses Described (online mirror)

The attached documents are a study on the Pentagon Eyewitness Testimony. This is the data that will form the basis of a later analysis.

There are many reasons why the Testimony is compelling:

1. The eyewitness testimony is virtually all in agreement except for very specific details that are open to interpretation (i.e. the exact model of plane). Eyewitness type (i.e. Pentagon Worker, Reporter, Civilian, etc.) has no effect on the testimony.

2. A complete analysis of the testimony shows that there are relatively few anomalies.

3. The Media does not control all witnesses. Anyone with an internet connection could counter the official narrative with an anonymous posting on a forum.

4. Most of the so-called “anomalies” in the Pentagon testimony have obvious explanations (i.e. the few who claimed to see a small plane were from farther away).

5. The Pentagon is surrounded by large highways and on 9/11 these were filled with stand still traffic jams; there were many potential witnesses and many didn’t even leave reports. One would assume that an anomaly would be reported by some of them.

6. The media did not control the witnesses at the WTC and blocked firefighter testimony for years after 9/11. These witnesses strongly contradict the official narrative at the WTC. Firefighters openly discussed the fact that they "blew up" the South Tower. No such witness blocking has ever occurred at the Pentagon. No credible eyewitness testimony has ever indicated anything other than a large commercial aircraft hit the Pentagon. Furthermore, eyewitness testimony supports the use of explosives at the Pentagon. Unfortunately this evidence is inconclusive without physical evidence.

7. The testimony forms an impressively detailed narrative as shown in my analysis "What Witnesses Described" (over 650 excerpts of the testimony extracted).

8. Some of the testimony comes from live, unedited TV interviews of witnesses, some of which has never been transcribed by anyone until now.

9. The large body of testimony would be extremely difficult to fake for all of the reason above and the amount of witnesses who left accounts.

10. The government has an absurdly poor record for faking 9/11 evidence. See Bin Laden "confession", Hijacker Passport, Plane Manifests, Imaginary Hijacker "DNA" "evidence", WTC “collapse” and other absurdities.

11. Other 9/11 eyewitness testimony strongly implicates the falsity of the “official story” thus strongly indicating that the US government can not control witness statements. See testimony of explosions in the lower floors of the WTC towers, WTC 7, and flight 93.

From the testimony, the following narrative emerges: The plane approached the Pentagon. It was a large—commercial—American Airlines plane. It had red and blue markings and a silver fuselage characteristic of American Airlines aircraft. Most likely it was a 757, but this is not conclusive from the testimony. Only a few people described a “small” plane from farther away. The flaps of the plane were not employed, nor were the landing gear. The plane had two engines. The tail had an AA insignia on it. The plane was extremely loud; it lined up to the Pentagon and put its engines to full throttle. Some compared the plane to a missile. No one saw a missile. The speed of the plane was close to 500 mph. The plane flew extremely low and knocked over light-poles, hit a generator and touched its left wing near the heliport pad. The final approach of the plane was described as “unusually” steep. The plane was only observed for around 15 seconds at the most. The plane hit the pentagon and completely entered (i.e. disappeared) into the building (as seen at the WTC). It did not hit the ground—it hit the lowest floors of the Pentagon. A fireball erupted after the plane struck. The pilot “looked like he knew what he was doing”. After the plane hit the Pentagon it rained small pieces of debris as far as the nearby highway. There was also debris from hitting the light-poles. Witnesses described small pieces of debris. There were several highways with “stand-still” traffic jams in perfect view of the Pentagon. The plane was followed by a C-130. Witnesses described both planes. It is possible, although not conclusive that explosives could have been used in combination with the plane.

I consider this evidence to be virtually smoking gun proof that a large commercial plane hit the Pentagon on its own. The physical damage at the Pentagon strongly suggests a flight path, and this is supported by the eyewitness testimony. However, this does NOT prove it was flight 77, or even a 757. It also does not prove that it was a "substituted plane". This testimony strongly supports observations of an “American Airlines” plane or possibly a substituted plane with these colors painted on it. All of these details can not be confirmed without the release of physical evidence and detailed study and confirmation of the plane parts found at the Pentagon Crash Site.

The government has never conclusively proven that a plane has hit the Pentagon, and will never do so until they release the videos, physical evidence, and other relevant evidence.

Note: These figures do not “add up” to 100% because “large commercial plane” and other descriptive labels are subsets of “plane.” This means that someone who described a “757” fall in the percentage of people who saw a “plane” hit the Pentagon.

However, the data used only references the witnesses who described the specific type of plane. This means that of the people who describe the plane in more detail than just “plane”, close to 100% identified it as a large commercial plane of some type. Only a very small percentage claimed it was a small plane, and this is reflected in the chart above.

A further analysis of this data will be forthcoming in the future.


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